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Ground flaxseed

Ground flaxseed is the side-product of cold-pressed flaxseed oil: after the compression there is still about one quarter healthy flaxseed oil in ground flaxseed. This means that ground flaxseed contains also linoleic and alfa-linolenic fatty acids. The meaning of cold-pressing is to release the oil mechanically without any solvents or high temperature. The diverse content is what makes ground flaxseed so unique: besides the essential fatty acids, it contains a lot of fibres and proteins.


Ground flaxseeds can be used as such with yoghurt or sour whole milk. Besides that using ground flaxseed in the baking, you can use it with minced meat, in porridge and in crumbing. The suitable proportion of ground flaxseed is 1/10 of the total volume of dough/porridge. The recommendation for adults is one quarter decilitre per day.

Packing: 500 g

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