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Cold-pressed flax seed oil is rich in the important polyunsaturated linoleic (omega 6) and alfa-linolenic (omega 3) fatty acids. Because the body cannot synthesize them, they are essential nutrients which must be obtained from food. The essential fatty acids are needed in the well-being of the whole body: nervous system, circulatory system, cell-surface membranes, hair, skin, nails etc.

Because of the use of highly-processed food in industrialized countries, it is remarkable common that people don't get enough of omega 3- fatty acids. People who eat a lot of fish usually get enough omega 3- fatty acids but the other people can attain these essential fatty acids for example by using cold-pressed flaxseed oil on daily basis.

The use of flaxseed oil: about 2-3 teaspoons daily either as such or mixed eg in yoghurt or sour whole milk. Flaxseed oil, curd cheese or cottage cheese mixed together (or spiced with different herbs) is a nutritious, tasty spread for the bread. You can use flax seed oil also in salad dressings, but it cannot/ shouldn't be heated during the use!


Packings: 250 ml and 0,5 l

A hint! Flaxseed oil has many other usages than taking internally so if you have old cold-pressed flaxseed oil in your refrigerator, don't discard it! You can still use it for example as surface coating for the protection of wood.

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