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Flaxseed oil for technical use

Cold-pressed flaxseed oil for tecnical use (eg wood preservation)

The possibility to use flaxseed oil in wood preservation has been known already for some time. Nowadays it is also known that flaxseed oil has utilization potential much beyond this, it is suitable eg for protection against rusting.

Wood preservation is an important step prolonging the life span of an object. For example, a careful saturation is important for wood boat when the epithelium is filled with oil. Flaxseed oil dries slowly penetrating deep into the wood. The saturated covering of wood is later on a good block for the proceeding of moisture. If you prepare the mixture for the saturation of the wood boat by yourself, cold-pressed flaxseed oil is excellent for that. Nevertheless, you should add to the mixture a solution against molding if it is to be used in wet place.

Packings: 1 l, 2 l and 5 l

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