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Organic products

Organic flax seeds and organic rapeseeds are bought from farmers specialized in organic production. Organic production is based on international regulations and the control of organic products extends from the fields to the companies manufacturing organic food products. The supervision includes yearly control visits both in farms and companies. The prodcution of organic food is controlled by Elintarvikevirasto and the sign for the control unit has to be mentioned in every product.

There may be optional organic marks in the organic products such as the Luomu - valvottua tuotantoa (Luomu - controlled production) which is an officially controlled mark. This green mark (in which is sun) can be given to victuals of which raw material is 95 % organically produced. Our organic products can be recognized from the green sun mark.

Artificial fertilizers aren't used in the cultivation of organic seeds since the nutrients are added in organic form such as dung of animals. Besides that, artificial pesticides aren't used but the plant diseases and pests are kept in control by circulation of cultivations and biological pesticides.

The crops in organic production are usually smaller than in normal production so the prices for organic seeds are also higher. We try to keep the price of our organic products as competitive as possible in comparison to the normal products.

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