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It's important to remember that fats are essential for all the animal species. First of all, fats give a lot of energy but also the necessary fatty acids. Young growing animals need fat for the growth and maintenance of health. Full-grown animals need essential fatty acids for working metabolism and physiological functions.

When talking of fats, it's important to become aware of the quality of fats since different fatty acids have variant effects on the normal functioning and well-being of dogs. Dogs use saturated fatty acids for the the building of fat stocks and energy. The recommended proportion of these animal fats is about 55-60 % of the fats. Dog's body cannot synthesize the unsaturated essential fatty acids from other fatty acids nor can them be replaced in metabolism so they must be obtained directly from nutrition. The recommended proportion of essential fatty acids is 15-20 % of the fats.

Linoleic and linolenic acids are the essential fatty acids. Linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acid) is the major fatty acid for skin so that its deficiency causes drying of the skin and scurf. Alfa-linolenic acid (omega-3 fatty acid) has many important physiological tasks eg in digestive system. Omega-3 fatty acids stimulate the production of hormone-like substances prostaglandins which have roles eg in the coagulating of blood. The defect of essential fatty acids can lead eg weakened healing of wounds and dry, lusterless fur.

It's important to remember that also the ratio of the essential fatty acids is an important factor maintaining the well-being of animals. Generally the ratio of the essential fatty acids for wild animal species is 75 % omega-6 and 25 % omega-3 fatty acids. These animals suffer seldom degenerating diseases which are typical for pets. Pets easily get the essential fatty acids in wrong proportions because the industrial pet foods are scarce in omega-3 fatty acids. The scarcity of omega-3 fatty acids can be understood by the limitations they have: they go rancid easily which shortens the life span of the product and they have to be protected from light and heat.

The dosage and use of Pellava-Musti -linseed oil for dogs:

Cold-pressed linseed oil contains a lot of the essential fatty acids which sustain the well-being of fur and skin and maintains the normal functioning of intestines. Already 15 ml (max. 5 % of the daily portion of food) linseed oil per day improves the tastiness of food and improves the absoprtion of nutrients. The effects of linseed oil to the fur and skin can be seen in 1-2 months from the change in feeding.

Packings: 500 ml and 5 l

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